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canada geese removalCanada geese removal is our specialty. We provide safe and humane solutions to Canada goose problems in Central VA. Our Wildlife Control Technicians are specially trained to effectively get rid of Canada Geese using scientifically proven techniques. Don’t waste your time and money on goose control gimmicks or approaches costing thousands of dollars, but only having short-term results. Effigies don’t work for goose control and using dogs to chase geese is time consuming and expensive. Geese chasing dogs are effective only as long as the dogs continue to chase the geese. Shortly after the dogs leave, the Canada geese return. We don’t just police your geese problems in VA, but solve them by “arresting” the nuisance birds.

Canada Goose Control in Central Virginia

Our geese experts offer goose removal, goose management and goose control services throughout Virginia. We service many different areas of Central Virginia that are experiencing goose problems. Our service areas include Richmond, Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Henrico County, Short Pump, Glen Allen, Hanover County, Ashland, Mechanicsville, Chesterfield County, Chester, Bon Air, Midlothian, Woodlake, Brandermill, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Amelia County, Powhatan County, Goochland County, Louisa County, Orange County, Barboursville, Fluvanna County and many other areas of VA.

The types of locations where we handle problems with the Canada Goose including Athletic fields, Airports, Parks, Golf Courses, Lake Front residential, Home Owner Associations, Playgrounds, Cemeteries, Hospitals, Residential Properties, and commercial properties, industrial sites, and any local government or association including County, City and Township governments in VA. Save your property from the many problems that are caused by Canada geese. Geese can cause a major health concern, every single goose can produce two to three pounds of droppings a day, with most geese pooping over 20 times a day, this quickly becomes a health hazard. Geese droppings are certainly one of the major contributors of phosphorus and nitrogen in ponds and can cause pond eutrophication which will allow algae and weeds to grow quickly (algae bloom), which will depleting the oxygen from the water and damaging the aquatic environment. It also causes that unsightly greenish slime on the waters surface.

How To Get Rid of Canada Geese in Virginia

canada geese removal - roundupCanada goose control in Virginia has been providing quality goose control for many years. It is our mission to provide the best service to our Virginia clients by only using environmentally safe Canada goose control methods and other special techniques. This includes egg, nest and turf treatments.

Our Canada geese removal, control and management techniques used by our Central Virginia Wildlife Control Technicians are approved by the USDA Wildlife Service and US Fish and Wildlife. In addition, the Humane Society and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recommend our Canada goose control methods and techniques for getting rid of nuisance geese.

To provide you with the best results in addressing your Canada Goose problem, our Animal Control Technicians are educated on the behavior of the Canada geese and their migratory, nesting and breeding habits.

With this training they are also able to educate you, the customer, concerning the most successful goose control programs available in Central Virginia.

Our Canada Geese experts and company support personnel are constantly training in order to stay abreast of the most current information in the migration and the problems associated with Canada geese and their impact on human health and safety.

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