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As the leading Wildlife Removal, Animal Exclusion, and Pest Control Experts in Virginia, we specialize in addressing various nuisance wild animal issues. Our expertly trained Wildlife Control operators efficiently handle the removal, management, and control of animals such as Birds, Bats, Bees, Squirrels, Groundhogs, Snakes, Mice, Skunks, Raccoons, Possums, and Rats. Turn to Virginia’s premier nuisance animal removal specialists for all your wildlife removal needs.

Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services offers comprehensive nuisance animal removal solutions across the state. With a wide range of wildlife pests like Beavers, Gophers, Pocket Gophers, Deer, Moles & Voles, Muskrats, Coyotes, Rats, Raccoons, Chipmunks, Geese, Woodchucks, and Foxes in Virginia, it is crucial to address infestations promptly. If you find a wild animal in your home or business, contact a wildlife removal operator to eliminate these pest animals effectively.

Our expert nuisance wildlife operators specialize in trapping and removing any nuisance animals that might be causing damage to your residential or commercial property. If left unaddressed, these animals can cause structural damage and contaminate spaces such as attics with urine and feces. The longer an animal remains in your property, the more extensive the damage becomes. Reach out to a professional wildlife control operator to resolve your wild animal problem today!

We focus on removing and controlling wild nuisance pest animals from homes and businesses. Our Animal removal technicians adhere to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s regulations, ensuring humane and proper treatment of Virginia’s wild animals. Before hiring any animal removal company in Virginia, verify that they possess the appropriate nuisance wildlife permit from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, as well as the necessary insurance and licensing to perform work on your property.

Our critter control experts commonly address animal problems in Virginia, including squirrel removal, raccoon removal, rat removal, possum removal, skunk removal, rodent removal, bird removal, mice control, and bat removal. Trust us for all your wildlife removal needs.

VA Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal charlottesville virginia

In Virginia, raccoon removal has become an essential service to address the increasing nuisance created by these intelligent animals. Adapting effortlessly to suburban areas, raccoons forage through trash cans, uproot yards, and cause extensive damage in their quest for food. Timely raccoon removal in Virginia is crucial, especially when they invade your attic, where they can wreak havoc in a short span of time. Ensuring raccoons are promptly evicted from your Virginia home is vital for maintaining safety and preventing further damage.

As one of the most destructive wildlife species in Virginia, raccoons account for over $2 billion in insurance claims across the United States each year. The impact of a raccoon infestation on your Virginia property can be staggering. Typical damages caused by raccoons include tearing up ductwork, contaminating attic insulation, damaging attic vents, and posing a significant health risk to your family by potentially introducing diseases transmissible to humans. The demand for effective raccoon removal services in Virginia is on the rise, and it’s crucial to act swiftly to prevent these animals from spending another night in your home or business.

VA Bat Removal

bat removal charlottesville va

In recent years, the demand for bat removal services in Virginia has surged, as bats have been increasingly found in residential homes, commercial properties, and religious institutions. The most prevalent issue associated with bats is when they invade attics, causing insulation damage due to bat guano (feces) and urine. Bats often carry bat bugs, which are similar to bed bugs, posing a risk to inhabitants. It’s essential to promptly address any bat infestations in your attic.

Upon discovering bats in your attic, contact a bat removal and control professional immediately, particularly one skilled in bat exclusion. Over the past decade, bat removal services in Virginia have experienced a significant increase in demand, with bat guano-related cases and cleanup requirements rising notably in the last three years. Early intervention for bat infestations can help keep removal costs low; however, delayed action can lead to significantly higher expenses for removing bats from the attic.

Additional costs are often incurred for guano removal from attic spaces and addressing the associated biohazard cleanup required due to bat infestations. It’s worth noting that the two most common bat species found in Virginia homes and businesses are the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) and the Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus).

VA Bee Removal

bee removal charlottesville va

Attempting DIY Virginia bee removal can be hazardous for individuals without proper experience. Interestingly, the majority of issues addressed by professional companies involve not just bees but also wasps and other stinging insects. Hornets, the most aggressive wasp species, are followed by Yellow Jackets and Paper Wasps in terms of aggression levels.

A specific type of bee frequently reported by clients is the Africanized Honey bee, which ranks as the most aggressive bee species in America. Encounters between these bees and humans can result in multiple or even hundreds of painful stings. To ensure safety and effectively resolve your bee removal problem, it is crucial to enlist the services of a professional.

VA Bird Control

bird control charlottesville va

In Virginia, bird control services are essential for homeowners and businesses alike, as avian pests cause billions of dollars in damages each year. Bird droppings, primarily from pigeons and starlings, are the primary culprit, as these birds often roost on buildings and create unsightly messes.

Our wildlife removal and pest control company provides comprehensive solutions for bird-related issues, such as bird netting, bird spiking, bird fogging, and various bird deterrent techniques. Whether you’re facing a bird infestation at your residential or commercial property, our local bird control experts can help.

For homeowners, birds can pose a unique problem by nesting in vents, especially during spring when they prepare for their offspring. Signs of a bird problem may include strange noises in the vents, which if left unaddressed, could lead to foul odors and potential damage as baby birds produce waste. Addressing animal issues promptly is crucial in preventing extensive harm to your property.

Our skilled bird control professionals are equipped to handle various bird problems, including birds in vents and roosting on structures. We offer fast and effective solutions tailored to your specific bird control needs. The most common nuisance bird species in Virginia are pigeons, Canada Geese, European Starlings, sparrows, woodpeckers, gulls, and vultures.

VA Groundhog Removal

groundhog removal charlottesville virginia

Virginia Groundhog Removal is a highly sought-after service provided by our animal removal company. As members of the rodent family, groundhogs – also known as woodchucks or whistle pigs – feed exclusively on vegetation such as grasses and plants. These creatures can become a significant nuisance by digging holes under sheds and decks around residential properties.

It’s common for a female groundhog and her offspring to inhabit a den area, which can lead to a persistent problem for homeowners. Moreover, groundhogs are unwelcome visitors for cattle and horse farmers, as their livestock can inadvertently step into groundhog holes, resulting in broken legs and other injuries.

To effectively address groundhog issues, it’s important to not only trap and remove the resident animals but also perform a comprehensive wildlife exclusion. This ensures that other groundhogs won’t be able to return to the affected area. High-quality wildlife exclusion services typically involve sealing spaces around porches and decks with durable wire or concrete.

VA Mouse Removal

mouse removal charlottesville va

In Virginia, mouse removal is a frequently encountered pest issue, as homeowners and businesses alike often report problems with these unwelcome rodents. Rats and mice are known to inhabit attics, crawlspaces, garages, and basements throughout the state, as well as taking up residence in sheds, barns, outbuildings, and even cars. To prevent infestations, it’s crucial to eliminate any opportunities for shelter that these pests might exploit.

Prompt mouse control and removal are essential when a mouse is discovered in a home or business, as their rapid breeding capabilities can quickly escalate a minor pest problem into a full-blown infestation. Moreover, mice pose a significant threat to property by gnawing on wires, which can potentially cause fires. Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services employs expert technicians equipped with the knowledge and training to address mouse infestations swiftly and humanely.

In addition to the structural damage they can cause, mice inhabiting an attic or crawlspace may also contaminate insulation materials with their droppings and urine. To protect your home or business from the risks associated with a mouse infestation, trust the experts at Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services to provide comprehensive and effective solutions.

VA Opossum Removal

opossum removal charlottesville va

As Virginia opossum removal specialists, we minimize the damage these marsupials cause to your home, business, or garden. Commonly referred to as possums, these creatures can create chaos in your living spaces and even threaten your pets. The rat-tailed mammals often target houses, attempting to gain entry and causing further damage.

Possums are known to take up residence in various locations, such as beneath sheds, inside hot tubs, and other outbuildings. Sheds, usually elevated from the ground, provide an ideal environment for a possum family to thrive.

As North America’s only marsupials, opossums carry their young in their mother’s pouch. They typically have white or gray fur, long pointed faces, and a body size comparable to a house cat. Opossums possess 50 teeth – more than any other North American mammal – with their canine fangs being particularly noticeable.

Prompt possum removal is crucial once you’ve identified one on your property. Virginia is home to some sizable opossums, with some weighing over 20 pounds! Also known as Virginia Opossums, these animals should only be dealt with by individuals who comprehend the potential dangers they pose.

Our local animal removal experts are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and training to handle these strong animals safely. Trust our animal control and wildlife removal specialists for all your opossum removal needs in Virginia.

VA Rat Removal

rat removal charlottesville va

Dealing with a rat infestation is a common issue faced by homeowners and businesses in Virginia. These rodents frequently take up residence in attics, crawlspaces, garages, and basements, as well as sheds, barns, outbuildings, and even vehicles. As opportunistic creatures, rats will seek shelter wherever they can gain access.

Prompt and professional rat control and removal services are crucial as soon as you notice a rat in your home or business. These fast-breeding pests can quickly escalate a small issue into a full-blown infestation, causing significant damage and health risks. Rats are known to chew on electrical wires, which can lead to fires and other structural damages.

Our Virginia Wildlife Professionals possess the expertise and training necessary to address your rat removal needs swiftly and humanely. Moreover, rats inhabiting your attic or crawlspace can contaminate insulation with droppings and urine, necessitating professional cleanup and remediation.

Ensure the safety and well-being of your property by enlisting the services of Virginia Rat Removal experts, who will provide efficient and effective pest control solutions for your home or business.

VA Skunk Removal

skunk removal charlottesville va

In Virginia, skunk removal services are in high demand due to the numerous complaints we receive about these creatures. A common issue homeowners face is skunks burrowing beneath stoops or steps to find a suitable living space. This becomes especially problematic when dogs encounter skunks, often resulting in the skunk coming out on top. To handle skunk-related problems, it is crucial to consult our professional skunk removal experts instead of attempting to resolve the issue on your own.

Skunks exhibit peculiar habits around Virginia homes, including digging under front porches to birth their young. To effectively remove skunks from your residential, commercial, or other property, rely on our Wildlife Removal Professionals. It’s important to be aware that Virginia is home to two skunk species: the prevalent Striped Skunk and the Spotted Skunk, which is a protected species.

VA Snake Removal

snake removal charlottesville va

Virginia Snake Removal is a specialized service often demanded by homeowners, yet many pest control companies lack the expertise to manage it effectively. Our highly trained Snake Control Experts are equipped to handle a range of snake removal tasks, including the physical extraction of snakes, as well as implementing exclusion and sealing techniques to prevent re-entry of common snake species such as black rat snakes, copperheads, rattlesnakes, and black racers.

We provide comprehensive snake removal services for residential and commercial properties, catering to yards, houses, basements, crawlspaces, garages, and other areas vulnerable to snake invasion. Our experts are skilled in capturing both venomous and nonvenomous snakes, ensuring the safety of your property and its inhabitants.

In Virginia, snakes are categorized as either venomous or nonvenomous. It is essential to note that the term “poisonous snake” is incorrect; the accurate term is “venomous snake.” Trust our professional Virginia Snake Removal team to protect your property from these potentially dangerous creatures effectively.

VA Squirrel Removal

squirrel removal charlottesville va

Virginia Squirrel Removal Services are in high demand, particularly during spring and fall seasons. With the close proximity of houses in numerous Virginia neighborhoods, it’s common to witness squirrels leaping across rooftops and traversing power lines. As squirrel infestations continue to increase, it’s crucial to address any squirrel-related issues in your home or attic as soon as they’re discovered.

Homeowners in Virginia often require squirrel removal and control services, but may be uncertain about who to contact. Swift action is essential to prevent squirrels from causing extensive damage, such as chewing through electrical wires and creating holes in sheet rock during their nesting process in your attic.

Although squirrels are typically tree-dwelling creatures, they are known to invade the attics, vents, soffits, and crawlspaces of Virginia homes in search of suitable nesting sites for raising their young. Allowing a squirrel nest to remain in your home or business is ill-advised. Upon identifying a squirrel infestation in your attic or other areas of your property, reach out to our expert squirrel exclusion company without delay. We specialize in wildlife removal and pest control services to protect your Virginia home from unwelcome squirrel intruders.

VA Animal Removal & Pest Control

animal removal charlottesville va

Wildlife Removal and Animal Control Services in Virginia encompass the capture and elimination of bothersome creatures, fixing damages caused by animals, and fortifying structures against potential animal intrusions.

Our comprehensive offerings also cover dead animal disposal, critter trapping, wildlife exclusion solutions, contaminated insulation removal and replacement, attic cleanup, animal waste management, and pest control services.

In Virginia, we frequently address animal control and wildlife removal requests for various species, such as birds, foxes, bats, beavers, chipmunks, geese, groundhogs, flying squirrels, woodchucks, rats, mice, voles, raccoons, skunks, snakes, grey squirrels, and other nuisance wildlife found throughout the state. As an independent organization, we do not handle dog or cat concerns; for assistance with these animals, please contact your local animal control agency.

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We are considered by many to be the best wildlife removal and pest control company in Virginia. Call us today at (434) 260-7077 to schedule your appointment. Additional information on our animal removal services can be found on our HOME PAGE.

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